When change is so rapid, how can your business plan stay relevant?

How can your digitalization stay up-to-date?

By adapting faster than before

Quintessential Ability to Thrive: Rapid Adaptation

In today’s new economy, companies need one quintessential organizational ability to thrive: Rapid adaptation. To be able to change not only once, but continually transform as business conditions evolve. That means having the capability to focus on the customer as their demands change. Invest in high growth as growth directions shift. And transform for the longer term even when the future is unclear and uncertain.

Rapidly Adapt: Business Transformation Made Easy

To build this quintessential ability, companies need to undergo a true transformation to become the Intelligent Enterprise. One that’s customer-driven and high-growth oriented, through transformation focused on the long term.

Today, businesses can achieve this with ease through the new RISE with SAP, Business Transformation-as-a-Service.

Join us at the SAP SEA Strategy Day as we share exciting strategies on how businesses can unlock new opportunities and realise value through a seamless way of transforming your business. Discover how we can navigate the future economy together – on your own terms and your timeline.  


Welcome and Introduction

Simone Heng, Host

Digital Progress & Business Resilience in SEA: Key Findings to Help Businesses Transform

Edward Cone, Editorial Director & Adrianna Gregory, Senior Editor, Oxford Economics

  • Hear first-hand insights from Oxford Economics where we surveyed 600 senior executives across South East Asia from 10 industries, across the automotive, banking, consumer products, insurance, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas, professional services, public sector, retail, and utilities sectors  and discover what are their business challenges and top priorities for digital readiness, staying resilient and being customer driven, and how SEA Organizations can prepare for the New Economy.

Become Future-Fit with Transformation Made Easy​

Verena Siow, President and Managing Director, SAP South East Asia​

  • Understand the impact on businesses across the region and how RISE with SAP can support customers and partners on their journey towards creating intelligent enterprises amid global challenges
  • Learn how the SAP South East Asia Strategy for 2021 can help prospective partners plan and execute their business transformation strategies
  • Gain first-hand insights into how partnering with SAP can transform one’s business into a future-ready, intelligent enterprise equipped to cope with emerging business challenges

Question & Answer​

Verena Siow, President and Managing Director, SAP South East Asia​

Closing Address​

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